Georgia Civil Litigation Attorneys Pursue Successful Results

Skilled advocates with decades of experience in the Atlanta area

Civil litigation encompasses a large group of legal disputes. The lawyers of McGee & Oxford have more than 300 years of combined experience and can handle any type of legal disagreement. In addition to delivering knowledgeable counsel, we are always cognizant of practical considerations and resolve many matters through cost-efficient alternative methods such as arbitration and mediation. Whether the case is settled quickly or proceeds to a verdict, our attorneys keep you informed at every step and craft a well-grounded strategy to maximize your chances at the best possible outcome.

Lawyers providing knowledgeable representation for tort matters

Tort claims can spiral out of control without careful handling. Our attorneys can guide you through the litigation process for any type of case, including:

  • Negligence — McGee & Oxford advises clients in all types of negligence lawsuits. We can identify whether the relevant elements exist under Georgia law and advise you of your litigation options.
  • Fraud and misrepresentation — When someone is accused of harmful misrepresentation, the outcome often turns on subjective interpretations. Our lawyers can develop sound arguments to bolster your chances at success.
  • Tortious interference — If a third party purposely tries to disrupt a contractual or business relationship between two other entities, that can constitute a tort under Georgia law. Whether you are the alleged third party or a victim of this conduct, we can provide strong representation to protect your interests.

Whether you or your company has been accused of, or victimized by, tortious conduct, McGee & Oxford can negotiate and litigate to help obtain a favorable result.

Counselors with the skill to handle complex business litigation

The attorneys at McGee & Oxford advocate for a wide range of small and large businesses. In addition to handling disagreements with outside entities, our experience includes representing executives and companies in internal conflicts such as shareholder and partnership disputes. We also understand how employment litigation can hamper even a thriving company, so we assist with problems relating to contracts, restrictive covenants, and proprietary information.

Diligent counsel for breach of contract cases

Simple disagreements over contract terms can have lasting consequences. Whether someone else violated their contractual obligation or you are defending against a breach allegation, McGee & Oxford analyzes the relevant documents and can assert your rights in court or another resolution forum. Our attorneys have a deep background in contract law and can litigate cases involving even the most complex agreements.

Dedicated assistance for property damage claims

As construction continues throughout the Atlanta area, with people and companies moving closer together, various types of property damage claims arise. Extensive damages can be alleged after construction accidents, industrial mishaps and leaks in pipes or storage tanks, just as they are in vehicle crashes. If you are engaged in a property damage dispute, we have the ability to investigate the claim quickly and assess the potential liability.

Contact accomplished Atlanta civil litigators to assist with a dispute

For any type of Georgia civil litigation matter, McGee & Oxford represents businesses and individuals. From our office in Atlanta, we also practice in other legal areas including real estate, taxation, and estate matters. Call 404-231-1935 or contact us online to schedule a meeting.

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